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Is one of the key theatrical companies in the Mid Sussex area. Ariel offer an exceptionally broad range of the highest quality productions and participatory projects designed to engage and inspire The surrounding Sussex theatre audiences, children and young people alike. Being foremost in producing modern professionally ethical and honest productions designed to enhance audiences and actors experiences alike.

Established in 1991, Ariel has achieved genuine acclaim and recognition within the theatre industry for our shows and professional approach in producing these productions. As such, Ariel draws upon unparalleled experience in generating memorable creative entertainment for our audiences, by staging primarily modern Musicals, Concerts and Plays in professional theatres.


Each year, A.C.T. (Ariel Company Theatre) ensures it's work is produced by a team who between them have been involved in the theatre for many years both on and off stage professionally and within the local area .


is a non-professional company with a professional attitude, who hold open auditions for most of their productions. We believe in enabling performers both adults and young alike to really stretch their acting potential, by generating a hardworking and fun team spirit from the very start. Everyone who takes part on & off stage in our eyes are all the shining stars of each performance.

This website is designed to give a broad insight into the kind of work that we do, how the company has developed over the years, and details of our current projects. We hope that this site will be of value to anybody wishing to explore the world of theatre and for anybody who might want to work with us in the future.  

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