Ariel Drama Academies offer you the opportunity to train towards a recognised drama award with a specialised LAMDA tutor. This is offered FREE OF CHARGE to selected students within our Drama Academies.


LAMDA is one of the oldest and most respected drama schools throughout the world, founded in the United Kingdom in 1861.

Neil and Nicci Hopson are both members of The Association of LAMDA Teachers and therefore have access to the wide range of information and guidance given by the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

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LAMDA exams are designed to equip learners with a range of skills, which not only serve them throughout life, but help student entry into university: passes at Grades six, seven and eight gain UCAS points.


As the UK’s largest speech and drama awarding body, LAMDA promotes an appreciation of literature, poetry and drama. As well as unlocking imagination and creative-thinking, studying LAMDA develops communication skills and confidence.



Lessons and examinations are designed to develop the skills necessary to communicate dramatic texts to an audience. Learners who prepare themselves appropriately will explore style, form, character, subtext and context in order to realise the specific demands of each specific monologue. They learn how to suspend disbelief by focusing on the immediacy of the character’s situation in order to create a credible sense of reality. Learners will also build skills in voice, diction and movement in order to realise the specifics of their character.

Private LAMDA Lessons


Ariel also runs private lesson given by talented Lamda Teachers.

These are offerred outside Ariel Drama's Saturday Academy sessions.


What is Lamda




  • LAMDA is the largest statutory speech and drama awarding body in the UK.
  • LAMDA has been offering practical examinations in communication and performance subjects for over 130 years
  • LAMDA exams can be taken, regardless of age, ability, ambition or experience.
  • LAMDA examinations are about achievement and empowerment.
  • LAMDA teaches students to develop a strong speaking voice and good memory skills by learning and performing monologues.
  • LAMDA aims to provide every individual with the opportunity to develop the life skills they need to be a success, wherever their future takes them.
  • Tuition is given on a 1:1 basis.
  • There are approximately 10 lessons per term
  • Lessons are rotated so that students come out of different lessons each week.




There are 3 LEVELS of entry offered in Academy lessons .

Pre-entry Level

Level 1 [Grades 1,2 & 3]

Level 2 [Grades 4 & 5]

  • Students prepare 2 monologues for levels 1 &  2 [1 for pre-entry level].
  • These can be stand-alone monologues or extracts from plays.
  • Monologues are performed to a LAMDA examiner in March, June or November
  • Students are assessed on 4 learning objectives.
  1. Memorising and understanding
  2. Vocal skills and audible clear diction
  3. Use of performance space


Results are given as a %

1. DISTINCTION [80-100]

2. MERIT [65-79]

3. PASS [50-64]

  • Qualifications are offered by an organisation whose integrity, resources and competence have been independently checked.
  • It enhances life skills and confidence with interviews.
  • Students can improve their spoken English and presentation skills.
  • Students can hone their skills, improve stage techniques, text work and audition preparation.




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Jailor's Daughter

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